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iPega - iPad 12 in 1 Kit - PG-IPT01

iPega - iPad 12 in 1 Kit - PG-IPT01
Brand: iPega
Product Code: PG-IPT01
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This product suitable for iPad2 console. Product includes: Protective Film 1pc, Protection Cover 1pc, Car Charger 1pc, A Two Audio Adapter 1pc, Capacitance Pen 2pcs, Router 1pc, USB Data Cable 1pc, Headphones 1pc, Lens Cleaning Cloth 1pc, Soft Card 1pc , Folding stand 1pc.

1. Protective Film 

This product is suitable for iPad2 console, which can effectively prevent the screen from scratches, scratch resistant, good impact resistance. Use of environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic harmless. Transparent, to be effective anti-glare, anti-reflective, anti-body radiation.

2. Protection Cover

This product is suitable for iPad2 console, have a good protective effect, for maximum care of your iPad2 console. Beautiful and practical.
1. High mechanical strength, outstanding impact resistance and shock absorption.
2. Prominent cold, oil, water, mold-resistant.
3. Surface-dust design, easy to stick dust, easy to clean.

3. Car Charger

User Manual

Simply use the car charger access to vehicle 12V power supply, put the iPad charging cable into the USB interface of car charger, then connected to the console iPad2 for charge can be.


Do not use metal object touch with other charger connections or contacts, or may cause a short circuit.

4. A Two Audio Adater

This product can be the same all the way to the audio signal is divided into two, which can take two audio devices (such as connecting two headphones or a headset connected, a connection boxes, etc.).

5. Capacitance Pen

The use of scrub process, feel good, easy to store and carry.

6. Router

This product can be taken to wire the device (such as headphones, USB charging cable, etc.) inside the winding income, to facilitate the use of equipment and storage.

7. USB Data Cable

A big 4P-USB transfer 30pin male 1pc.

8. Headphones

This product is a 3.5mm stereo headset for iPhone, iPad, iPod 3.5mm audio socket and all the console of digital products.

9. Lens Cleaning Cloth

The use of high-quality fiber materials, which can effectively clean dust and dirt on the console.

10. Soft Card

Can effectively scrape the residual air bubbles and no damage to the protective film.

11. Folding Stand

This product is suitable for iPad console, support iPad horizontal screen, vertical screen placement. Convenient and practical.

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